SOUTH Orijen Necklace


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Orijen Pendant is one of the main objects of the BlackMountain collection by Dukley Jewelry.
Its elegant structure, woven from the finest filigree threads, is framed by a reinforcing frame.
The finest 18 k gold chain of 45 cm long ends with an original and convenient lock.

This color variation – black silver, denotes the WEST part of the main collection.
This Item of splendor and taste is made to suit any real lady.
The main part consists of 11 handmade turns
of 0.6 mm twisted metal wire.
The standard length of the chain is 45 cm.
Dimensions of the triangle: 40 x 50 mm.
Weight: 9 g.

Additional information
Weight 6 g
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 25 mm

Chain length




Wire thicknes

Dimensions of the triangle

40 x 50 mm

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